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Photographic Art
The world of captured lights on your wall

So just what is "photographic art"?  It's a phrase we hear a lot about in the creative world, but so many have no idea what it actually means.


Richard Batterley is very definite about it!

All true art is the physical reality of what the creator saw in their mind before they started out down the production process. It's the realisation of the artist's vision, using whatever production techniques and processes the artist thinks will best enable them to achieve their goal. It's driven by the creative vision, NOT by the techniques, processes and technology available! All too often photographers discover a new piece of equipment or a new trick in the software and they just have to use it ... so they look for ideas driven by what they've just discovered rather than using the available techniques and technology to bring their creative vision to life. Whenever I'm working on a new photograph, I nearly always have a very firm idea of what I want the final image to look like before I pick up my camera. Yes, sometimes, during the production process I do experiment and develop a tangential idea that has merit. But this is the rare exception, far from the general rule. Professional photographic artists often work to produce sets of photographs (such as the 15 images in my Tall Ships range). This means we can't be ducking and diving to use different techniques and technologies, we have to stick to a single theme. So for me "photographic art" is the realistion of a creative image I've developed in my mind that I've brought to reality using photography. Other artists work in oils or watercolours, clay or wood. I just happen to work in photography.

Richard Batterley seen here photographed in front of three of his works on display during his exhibition at the Coco Republic Gallery in Sydney in 2017.

Lift up your eyes to see the world beyond yourself, see beyond the process, and you'll realise there are images of great beauty to be discovered around every corner. That's where we find photographic art! Richard Batterley Photographer