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Limited Editions
Especially for You

Richard Batterley's photographs are only available as very limited edition prints.  Unlike some photographers who produce "limited editions" of two or three thousand copies of a photograph (so they're "numbered" prints, not really "limited editions"), Richard usually only produces FIFTY copies of each of his photographs.


To ensure the extremely high quality he demands, every copy of each photograph is produced under Richard's direct supervision.  Only when he is satisfied with each print will he then personally add the title and print number in his own hand writing and then apply his "chop" and sign the print.


This is your guarantee of your prints authenticity and quality - and of course every prints comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity which is also personally signed by Richard.


Richard Batterley's signature over his chop is applied to every copy of every print that has met Richard's rigorous standards of production quality - it is your guarantee of authenticity and quality

One of the great benefits of "photographic art" is that while the image is uniquely created by the photographer, it can be reproduced in almost any size and mounted and framed in many ways to reflect the individual requirements of each individual customer.


That is why that, although we do have "standard sizes" of Richard's work (and there are several of those), we are more than happy to work with each customer to produce a print of exactly the size they require for the situation they're going to display it in, and then work with the framing studio of your choice to select the best possible mounting and framing options for both your environment and the print.


But one important point!


When counting the number of copies in a limited edition, Richard doesn't have one edition for one size and another edition for each different size - all prints produced, no matter what size they are, are included in the numbers of the one limited edition.


This means you get what you expect ... a truly LIMITED EDITION PRINT, ESPCIALLY FOR YOU.