Richard Batterley PhotoGraphs

The world of captured lights

Welcome to the world of Richard Batterley PhotoGraphs, a world dedicated to the artistic capturing of light, shapes, colours, highlights and shadows, in short …


...the creation of photographic art.


Examples of Richard’s work hang on the walls of homes and offices around the world.  He is renowned for creating wonderful images from everyday things.  Seeing something that most people look past and miss.


Whilst many modern photographers are driven by using the latest available technology, Richard is driven by the image, the creative idea.  Yes, he uses the latest techniques to help him produce the image he’s seen in his mind before he picked up his camera and pressed the shutter.


His work is definitely “images with a difference … captured lights”.


Not locked into a particular subject matter or style, Richard produces photographs that enhance and complement the environment of almost any home or office … individual photographs or grouped sets that bring a distinctive point of interest to any room.


Browse through the Galleries here on the website and imagine one or more of Richard’s photographs hanging on your wall.


And remember, every Richard Batterley PhotoGraphs print is one of a strictly limited edition (usually one of only fifty copies) and is produced to the specific requirements of each individual customer - so you can specific exactly what size you want and design your own mounting and framing presentation to compliment the decor of the location you're going to display it in.


Richard Batterley PhotoGraphs ... especially for you.