Richard Batterley PhotoGraphs

The world of captured lights

The World of Captured Lights

As a photographer Richard isn't locked in to one genre, one subject matter.  He is inspired by the many things he sees around him every day.


For him the visual switch has no on or off position, he makes images whenever and of whatever inspires him.  His love of photography has led him to photograph things others would simply have ignored ... and these might be considered some of his most significant works.


The result is a wide and varied body of work, covering many subjects and presented in many different ways.  Some work well as sets whilst others are impressively strong individual images.  This makes the appeal of his work extremely wide ... to many different tastes and in many different situations.


What is shown in this collection of Galleries is certainly his most significant work, but there is more.  So if you are interested in having something special and unique, don't hesitate to contact us (see CONTACT page) and talk to Richard about what you;re looking for ... he might have it, or he might be interested in creating something especially for you.


So enjoy browsing the galleries, looking at Richard's work and think about how one of his photographs would look proudly displayed on the wall of your home or office.


It's the way Richard Captures Light that makes his work unique and special ... have a look for yourself in the galleries below.

Close to Flora
Iron & Rust
Walk in the Country