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Price list
The prices for standard size prints ... ... but remember to ask about special sizes, just for you

We aim to keep our pricing simple and so have limited the range of "standard sizes" and display options we offer.


But remember we can accommodate almost all special size and display options ... all you have to do is contact us (using the contact form on the CONTACT page).


Once you have decided which of Richard's stunning images you'd like to see displayed on your wall, just select the size from the table below and then enter the appropriate codes on the order form (click on the bar on this page which takes you back to the order form).


Please note, discounts for multiple prints (no need to be of same photograph and can be different sizes) ordered at the same time!

Cost per print ordered at same time
Size One only 2 or 3 4 or more

29 cm x 21 cm

42 cm x 29 cm

48 cm x 33 cm

59 cm x 43 cm

82 cm x 59 cm

$ 100.00

$ 150.00

$ 190.00

$ 265.00

$ 380.00

$ 95.00

$ 130.00

$ 180.00

$ 235.00

$ 350.00

$ 90.00

$ 120.00

$ 170.00

$ 215.00

$ 320.00

A1 B2 C3 D4 E5

For all other sizes, price on application

All prices include GST